Unified SACMI Beverage management for the Americas: Carlos Quintero to head sales

Shared goals and strategies within the team to strengthen services and bring them closer to customers. With Quintero leading the sales force, this ambitious SACMI Beverage roadmap for the Americas looks to the future of a continent with huge growth potential.

A single management framework for the American market, with four offices in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Leading it from the Des Moines headquarters (SACMI USA, Iowa) is Carlos Quintero, SACMI Beverage's new Sales Director for the Americas.
Closeness to the customer, cohesiveness and shared goals throughout the entire SACMI team: this is the ambitious roadmap set out by Quintero, who takes on the role of SACMI Beverage Sales Director for the Americas after 22 years’ experience with some of the top global food & beverage players. His ‘vertical leadership’ experience includes the development of fruit processing plants, turnkey beverage lines, inspection systems and plant digitalization solutions.
But why go for unified continent-wide control? “Just as the beverage industry’s major players have branches everywhere but operate under a coordinated sales strategy”, explains Quintero, “we need to show the market that we’re one SACMI, an international company with a unique capacity to provide complete solutions for each stage of the bottling line, from container blowing to filling and labelling”.
This change comes in the wake of numerous technological developments in recent years. These have enhanced the globally available SACMI Beverage range further by providing solutions that range from XL blow-molding machines to ‘combi’ units that merge blowing and filling on a single platform, plus a wide range of modular labelers.
The availability of coordinated computer vision systems for the ‘total quality control’ of production makes the SACMI range unique: in the Americas, such systems go hand in hand with growing market interest in all-round, sole partners who can follow every step of supply, from pre-industrial to after-market.
“One of the goals”, adds Quintero, “is to sharpen the skills already available at our facilities, where we provide sales, technical and original spare parts services. I invite all industry players to get in touch with their nearest SACMI branch to learn more about our range, which stems from thirty years’ experience in supplying machines and complete lines. Moreover, we provide customers with close support, from idea to product and market by ensuring solutions are customized, high-performance and versatile”.